Climbing Vines Abstract Shadow Box Wall Décor (MS55617C) 35.43" L x 19.69" H

Manufacturer: Million Stone
Unique design and exceptional build quality. Handmade by experienced craftsmen using premium material. Ready to hang, this wall décor is completed with double D rings on the back.
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    Bring home a splash of refinement with our Climbing Vines Abstract Shadow Box Wall Décor. Our in-house craftsmen first drew the lines on a wooden board, then carved it out each design by hand and painted it in silver and gold. These two toned “vines” was later arranged inside a glass paneled shadow box with a densely woven black linen backing and a black PS frame. The end result is this attractive two-tiered abstract art with superb craftsmanship and durability.  We offer three options and each one has its own unique pattern. Hang them individually or as a set to create an impressive wall gallery.