Gold & Silver Feather Wreath Shadow Box Wall Décor (MS56003) 31.50" L x 31.50" H

Manufacturer: Million Stone
Unique design and exceptional build quality. Finest wood with great finish and durability. Double D ring on the back, ready to hang.
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    Our Gold & Silver Feather Wreath Shadow Box will turn any room in your home/office into a contemporary, upscale space built with high quality materials and strong presence. Carefully picked goose feathers are painted in silver and gold which is arranged into a unique 3-tier wreath by our most experienced in-house craftsmen. The artwork is sealed inside a glass paneled shadow box with a densely woven linen backing and a solid pine wood frame painted in Champagne gold to match the color of the center piece. We built this wall d├ęcor with durability so you can display it on your wall for years.