Cubes Geometric 3D Art Shadow Box Wall Décor(MS18378A)

Manufacturer: Million Stone
Vendor: HUJI
Inspired by the elegance of solid geometry. Crafted from premium materials with impeccable finishing and durability. Ready to adorn your space, this wall art comes complete with double hooks and a soft velvet-felt backing for easy hanging.
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    Elevate the ambiance of your home or office with our Cubes Geometric Shadow Box Wall Décor, exuding sophistication, and refinement. This art piece is a celebration of solid geometry, showcasing the inherent beauty in geometric forms. Meticulously hand-painted resin cubes find their place within a high-quality shadow box featuring a clear glass panel.

    Crafted with care, these unique wall décor pieces are far from mass-produced, as premium materials are expertly fashioned into art. Each one possesses its own distinctive charm, rendering them irreplaceable. Consequently, the actual products may vary slightly from the website images.


    Product Size: 47.2" x 23.6" x 3.1"

    Product Weight:  19 lbs.

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