HUJI Handmade Natural Crystal Shadow Box Wall Decor Set of 2 (MS47774A/B)

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Original design. Exceptional build quality. Handmade by our experienced craftsmen using natural crystal. Picture frame style detachable construction for easy maintenance & DIY possibility. Ready to hang, this wall décor is completed with sawtooth hanger on the back.
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    Bring home a touch of refinement with our Handmade Natural Crystal Shadow Box Wall Décor Set. Crystal is popular around the world for its natural beauty, some consider it a healing stone that possessed with cleansing effect. Inspired by that, our in-house craftsmen cut the natural crystal into small pieces then place it inside a silver shadow box with linen backdrop. It come in as a set of two. Sawtooth hanger are equipped so you can hang them anywhere, together or separately. The none intruding design & color scheme can blend in any interior beautifully. 


    We implemented the detachable design that commonly used in picture frames in this wall décor set. This way you can easily detach the backboard along with the centerpiece for super easy maintenance, or even customize the wall décor to your liking.


    Unlike anything mass-produced, this wall décor set were handmade using natural material. Every single one are unique and irreplaceable. Thus, actual products may look different from the website pictures.

    Size & Weight: 11.8" x 11.8" x 2.6",   3.6 lbs