HUJI Black Remote Control Pocket Organizer Holder Caddy (1, BLACK) - HJ308

High Quality Remote Control Pocket Organizer that will complement any home style. Brilliant organization tool that will reduce table clutter. Designed to Fit Over Most Couch, Recliner and Chair Arms. 100% Polyester & Bar: Galvanized Steel. Machine Wash: Warm.
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    HUJI high quality remote control pocket organizer is an excellent solution to keep all your gadgets in one place. Helps prevent things slipping through the couch, or small spaces, and eliminates unsightly clutter from coffee tables. Designed to fit over most couch arm rests, recliners and chairs. Can also be draped over headboards, bed frames and car seats. Made from 100% Polyester with a galvanized steel bar weight to keep in place: Machine Washable with cold water, hang dry only.