Huji® Magic Holder 5-position Wall Organizer Plastic Mop, Broom and Long-handled Tool - HJ124

Manufacturer: Huji Brand
5-position wall organizer for handled tools Fits most handle sizes. Two spacers are included for smaller handle sizes. Just pull out the thin ones and put in the thick spacers. Rolling balls automatically adjust to each handle's thickness and grips it securely Easy release by lifting the handle. Each ball holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of weight Compact sizing and clean design. Easy to install. Supplies needed are: pencil, hammer, ¼" drill bit, drill, level, and Phillips screwdriver. Three mounting screws and wall anchors are included.
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    A "wall" organizer designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying thickness. Simply insert a handle into a slot and a rounded, gravity controlled, rolling ball automatically adjusts to the handle's thickness and grips it securely. Use in the laundry, garage, garden, utility room, offices, and more. Do you have this organizational challenge? Now you can improve your storage space in 30 min! -Easy to install wall organizer! -Compact size for small storage areas -Holds golf clubs, pool sticks, and other sporting equipment in addition to brooms and mops! Holds brooms, mops, and more! Do you have brooms, mops, or Swiffer sweepers cluttering up your kitchen storage area? Hang them neatly on your wall with this wall organizer! Just place the handle in a slot, let go, and friction will hold it in place! This wall organizer can also be used as your storage solution in garages for long handled tools or sporting equipment. Perfect for: -Brooms, Mops, Swiffers -Golf clubs, Pool sticks, Tennis rackets -Shovels, Hammers, Rakes -And lots more!

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