HUJI Mini Scallop Shells Shadow Box Wall Décor

Manufacturer: Million Stone
Vendor: HUJI
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Unique design, made with real sea shells. Handmade by experienced craftsmen using natural premium material. Ready to hang, this wall art is completed with double D-rings in the back.
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    Our Mini Scallop Shells Shadow Box Wall Décor can turn any room in your home/office into a tasteful, upscale space with its top-notch built quality and natural charm. Our in-house craftsmen handpicked over 100 scallop shells in just the right size and shape, then carefully arranged them inside high quality shadow box. The natural color and the densely layered design resembles fish scales. The none intruding design & color scheme can blend in any interior beautifully. 

    Unlike anything mass-produced, this wall décor was handmade using premium material. Every single one are unique and irreplaceable. Thus, actual product may look different from the website pictures.

    Product Size: 23.6" x 23.6" x 2"

    Product Weight: 13 lb