HUJI Paper Strings Shadow Box Wall Décor

Manufacturer: Million Stone
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Vendor: HUJI
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Original design. Exceptional build quality. Handmade by our experienced craftsmen using premium material. Ready to hang, this wall décor is completed with double D rings on the back.
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    Our Paper Strings Shadow Box Wall Décor can turn any room in your home/office into a contemporary, upscale space. Our in-house craftsmen used handmade paper strings to form the 3-tierd centerpiece, painted in black and gold before placed it inside a high quality, black shadow box with fine linen backdrop.  

    Unlike anything mass-produced, this wall décor was handmade using premium material. Every single one are unique and irreplaceable. Thus, actual product may look different from the website pictures.

    Product Size: 23.6" x 23.6" x 2"

    Product Weight: 10.6 lb