HUJI Double Mesh Stainless Steel Milk Frother Cappuccino Latte Foam Maker - HJ193

Manufacturer: Huji Brand
High quality stainless steel double mesh design that makes it perfect to get thick froth in seconds. Create your perfectly home made creamy cappuccinos, luscious latte and heavenly hot chocolate. Capacity: 14 oz -400 ml No electricity needed which makes it great for travel. Durable and dishwasher safe.
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    HUJI Milk Frother is # 1 seller in the market for so many reasons:

    Froths Milk in Seconds: 

    The double mesh design frothing action works in 30 seconds or less depending on how thick you want your froth. That's faster than electric frothers costing twice as much! 

    No Electricity Needed, Great for Travel.14 Oz. Size for Family Use: 
    HUJI Frother will allow you to froth about 3/4 cup (205 ml) of milk at a time, perfect for serving yourself or your family. Its total capacity is 14 oz., which allows enough space for the milk as it foams.Durable, Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel: 
    Made of heavy duty, food grade stainless steel that is resistant to denting, scratching, staining and rusting. Instructions: Step 1 At about 95°F, the air in the milk is able to hold the bubbles. So first preheat milk in a separate container for the best result. Pour desired amount of milk into the pitcher. The estimated milk level should not be above 1/3 the volume of the pitcher. It is important not to get too much milk into the pitcher before frothing, as the frothed milk expands. Step 2 Put the cover with plunger on top of the pitcher and make sure that it is properly placed. This is to ensure milk is not spilled through the sides of the frother while frothing. Step 3 With minimal effort, push the plunger handle up and down rapidly while holding the cover, until the desired foam thickness is achieved. The more you pump the milk, the more aerated the milk will become. The built in spring makes this step much easier and the double mesh will give you the professional result. Step 4 Let the frothed milk sit for one minute, it will become thicker. Cautions: ● Never fill milk over 1/3 volume of the pitcher. Frothed milk expands and it will overflow. ● Never try to directly heat milk with the lid and the filter included. ● Never heat milk over 158℉, as milk protein will be denaturized when overheated.