Huji Wire Chrome Plated Steel Cooling Rack Oven Safe - HJ127

Manufacturer: Huji Brand
Durable Sturdy chrome over steel construction . SIZE:17.2"X 11.45"X 0.5 " an fits 1/2 sheet pan. Closely spaced wires to enable Decorating with Ease: Reduce risk of your breakage by decorating treats on rack! Keep Counters Safe: Prevent heat scorching of counter-tops while quick-cooling hot pans Oven safe.
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    A must have cooling rack for any kitchen.

    This Cooling Rack is perfect for holding fries or bacon up out of grease!

    Its raised height makes it ideal for use as a cooling grate for baked products, or for holding food while icing, displaying, or drying.

    Dimensions:17.2" x 11.45"