Papier-Mâché Strings Shadow Box Wall Décor (MS56017B) 23.62" L x 23.62" H

Manufacturer: Million Stone
Unique design and exceptional build quality. Papier-Mâché strings hand built from scratch. Ready to hang, this wall art is completed with D-rings on the back.
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    Add a splash of refinement to your home with our Papier-Mâché Strings Shadow Box. For this wall décor we made the paper strings from scratch. The paper strings start with the selection of tree barks. The size, type, and color all matters. We soaked the selected tree barks in spring water, boiled it for 48 hours, rinsed it under running water to clear out all the impurities, and then bleached it. After the bleaching process we started to shape all the “papers” into thin strings which was then left to sun dry until dehydrated. We then carefully arranged them inside a glass paneled shadow box with a densely woven gray linen backing and a sturdy PS frame white to match the color of the centerpiece. We this shadow box comes in two options each one has its own unique pattern. Hang them individually or as a set to create an impressive wall gallery. We built this wall décor with durability so you can display it on your wall for years.