Papier-Mâché Tapestry Wall Décor (MS56014A) 47.24" L x 15.75" H

Manufacturer: Million Stone
Unique design and exceptional build quality. Papier-Mâché hand built from scratch. Ready to hang, this wall art is completed with D-rings on the back.
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    Our Papier-Mâché Art has always been our crown jewel. The process of making them is extremely time consuming that requires a great deal of technics. The process starts off with the selection of tree barks, the size, type, and color. We soak the selected tree barks inside spring water which is then boiled for 48 hours and rinse under running water to clear out all the impurities before the bleaching process. After drying we start to shape all the “papers” mimicking the texture and pattern of tapestries. Finally, with hours of sun drying to dehydrate the material we then smoke it using natural wood to add color for aging effect. The end result is these three intricate, tapestry inspired Papier-Mâché art. You can hang them horizontally, vertically, individually or as a set. With their fine craftsmanship and strong presence our Papier-Mâché TapestryWall Décors are ready to elevate any room to a new level of sophistication.