Peacock Feather Shadow Box Wall Décor (MS45201) 35.43” x 35.43”

Manufacturer: Million Stone
- Unique design and exceptional build quality. - Handmade by experienced craftsmen using high quality material. - Ready to hang, this wall décor is completed with double D rings on the back. -35.43” High 35.43” Wide 1.97” Deep -Hanging Weight 25.79 lbs
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    Bring home a touch of refinement and wilderness with our Peacock Feather Shadow Box Wall Décor. It’s a well-known fact that peacocks open their tail feather during a mating ritual. All their colorful tail feathers formed a beautiful fan to attract females. Our artists used humanely collected peacock feather to make the center piece of this art work. It comes in with a sturdy, brown-finished wooden shadow box frame and a high-quality clear glass panel. Black velvet felt was applied on the entire back side for wall protection. It’s exquisitely handmade and ready to elevate any room to a new level of sophistication.