Ethnic Dual Necklaces Shadow Box Wall Décor (MS15159B) 15.75" L x 31.50" H

Manufacturer: Million Stone
Ethnic style design and exceptional build quality.
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    Bring a touch of ethnicity and mystery in your home /office with our Ethnic Dual Necklaces Shadow Box Wall Décor. Silver is considered a symbol of pure, innocent characteristic and wealth in many ethnic cultures. They would wear handmade, intricate silver jewelries like hairpins, necklaces and bracelets etc. on special occasions and on a daily basis. Inspired by that, our artist created this wall décor with metal; a sturdy, black-finished solid wood shadow box frame; a high-quality clear glass panel and velvet felt on the entire back side for wall protection. It is exquisitely made and full of details, ready to elevate any room to a new level of sophistication.

    Finest wood with great finish and durability.

    Ready to hang, this wall art is completed with double hooks and soft backing velvet felt.

    Size: 15.75" L x 31.50" H x 2.36" W