HUJI Aromatic Cedar Hang Ups and Cedar Blocks - HJ121_2PK

Aromatic cedar hang-ups eliminates mildew by reducing the moisture in your closet. Cedar hang-ups repel all types of insects away from your closet; Protect fine fabrics from harmful moths. Cedar eliminates odors Cedar is an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to chemicals.
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    Now you can give your clothes cedar scent and protection by hanging our cedar hang-ups right on the rod. Our goal is to bring cedar into the home as an easy way to take care of your clothing. Cedar is an exquisite natural wood that appeals to the eyes with its classic warm grains and reddish hues. It draws you in with its pleasing, healthy and clean fragrance and stands out as an effortless eco-friendly way to beautify your home. Natural aromatic red cedar has been trusted for centuries to freshen, protect and preserve. It is the environmentally friendly and safe alternative to chemicals in keeping your clothes smelling fresh, repelling insects, and eliminating odors and mildew. Today's sustainable forestry practices ensure a perpetual abundance of high-quality cedar. It grows from the earth, is harvested, manufactured and used for decades or centuries. Then, when its useful life span is over, it returns to the earth. You can feel good knowing you are using a natural, eco-friendly product to freshen your clothes and your home