HUJI Natural Cedar Wood Moth Protection Balls Non-Toxic Moth Repellent - HJ122

Protects against moths, mildew and mustiness and lavender enhances freshness 100-percent natural red cedar, infused with natural lavender about 0.875-inch in diameter
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    Get safe, natural protection of your favorite clothing and linens with these 100% Cedar Balls, now infused with Lavender from Huji® Products. Warm and powerful cedar repels moths, mildew, and mustiness, while lavender's cooler notes enhances freshness. Red cedar's astounding effectiveness arises from the aromatic oils in the wood's fibers. Revitalize and boost your cedar product's scent and effectiveness by either (1) lightly sanding its surface to expose new fibers. Ideal for seasonal storage, drawers, gym bags and more. Keep your blankets, bedding, and seasonal clothing fresh and properly poised, safely nestled among these Lavender infused Cedar Balls: an updated take on a timeless classic.

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